How to solve Error (-13): Unable to Acquire a License from the Server.

Error: Citrix Presentation Server License Acquisition Error (-13): Unable to Acquire a License from the Server.

After upgrading License Server from version 11.6 to 11.9, users might report that they are unable to open published applications from XenApp 5 servers and the following error messages are displayed:

“Citrix Presentation Server license acquisition error (-13): Unable to acquire a license from < License Server name > server. Please contact your system administrator or open Event Viewer for more details.”




Event Viewer Log Entry














This could be due to unsynchronized Citrix licenses.


You can resolve the issue by completing the following tasks:

  • Login in to MyCitrix
  • Navigate to Choose a Toolbox > Manage Licenses.
  • Select Return to return all your licenses which are allocated to your License Server, as displayed in the following screen shot:


  • Log on to the License Server and navigate to MyFiles folder from C:\program Files(x86)\citrix\licensing\MyFiles
  • Stop the CitrixLicensing service.
  • Remove all the relevant files in C:\Program Files\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles except CITRIX.opt and startup.lic. Note: If you are changing licenses in your productive environment, it is strongly recommended that you create a backup folder on your desktop and move all your licenses in to that folder.
  • Log back in to MyCitrix.
  • Open Choose a Toolbox > Manage Licenses > Allocate.
  • Allocate all your licenses to the appropriate or case sensitive License Server hostname. Note: Do not download your licenses at the end of allocation procedure.

Download your licenses by selecting Redownload, as displayed in the following screenshot:







Select By Host from the Redownload tab, as displayed in the following screen shot:

  • Select Hostname and click Download.
  • Log in again to the License Server.
  • Copy the new license file directly to MyFiles folder.
  • Restart Citrix Licensing Service.
  • Refresh License Admin Console and verify your licenses.
  • Once confirmed, you should not receive any further error messages.

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