Install RES PowerFuse Agent Service

Install RES PowerFuse Agent Service under different account
Create a domain user account and assign Log on as a service and Act as part of the operating system through Domain Security Policy to this account
Assign access privileges for this account to the database in SQL Server
Use Orca MSI Editor to open the RES PowerFuse Windows Installer Package
Select Transform > New Transform from the menu
Select the ServiceInstall table from the list
Change StartName and Password to the user account and password of the user account
Select Generate Transform… from the menu and save the mst-file
Invoke Windows Installer unattended and apply the transform (msiexec /i TRANSFORMS= /qn+) > check with msiexec commandline parameters

Act as part of the operating system
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Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Security Settings\Local Policies\User Rights Assignment


This policy allows a process to authenticate as any user, and therefore gain access to the same resources as any user. Only low-level authentication services should require this privilege.

The potential access is not limited to what is associated with the user by default, because the calling process may request that arbitrary additional accesses be put in the access token. Of even more concern is that the calling process can build an anonymous token that can provide any and all accesses. Additionally, the anonymous token does not provide a primary identity for tracking events in the audit log.

Processes that require this privilege should use the LocalSystem account, which already includes this privilege, rather than using a separate user account with this privilege specially assigned.

By default, only the LocalSystem account has the privilege to act as part of the operating system.

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