SCCM – Automatic Windows Updates

Automatic Windows Updates

  1. Configuration Manager > Software Library > Software Updates > Automatic Deployment Rules > Create Automatic Deployment Rule >
  2. General: Name Rule, Select Collection, Add to existing, enable the deployment after this rule is run
  3. Deployment Settings: Wake-on-LAN, Detail Level, Approve license agreements
  4. Software Updates: Date Released or Revised, Product
  5. Evaluation Schedule: Enable Rule to run on a schedule, Choose Schedule
  6. Deployment Schedule: Software Available Time, Installation Deadline
  7. User Experience: User Notifications, Deadline Behavior, Device Restart Behavior
  8. Alerts
  9. Download Settings
  10. Deployment Package: Select deployment package, create a new deployment package

Note: If you set the install deadline to install as soon as possible it will, sometimes, automatically reboot the machine even if you have “suppress system restart” selected. This is a bug in SCCM.

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